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Swati Singh

There is Sacredness in Tears…

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The first thing we do when we embark our journey on this earthly realm is crying. If we don’t, the doctors make sure that we cry. That’s how the ‘breathe-in, breathe-out’ begins.

As we ladder up in our formative years, many of us are told how big girls don’t cry and how boys shouldn’t cry or else they are tagged as little girls. Such damaging notions affects people throughout their life as it becomes a norm for them to hide their emotions or feel an embarrassment if tears come rolling down without their consent.

When do we cry?

When emotional pain cannot be contained in this cloud of the body, it seeks release. The rain of tears moistens the coarsened soil of pain and comforts us.

Pain, grief, anger, stress all strong emotions activate the tear glands. The tears which flow due to grief contain leucine encephalin, a natural painkiller, which is one of the reasons why we feel better after a good cry. Not only your friends are supportive seeing your tears but your nervous system too is sympathetic and hence activates the necessary hormones in your blood stream along with the tears so that your body calms down post the flow. Keeping it within the body and not letting the system to take its natural course over a longer period of time will make you susceptible to irritability, poor sleep, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Is it just the pain?

It is not only the pain which makes us cry, the overwhelming happiness, the sense of gratitude that touched the soul and the overpowering love opens the flow unconsciously. Sometimes, in deep meditation or prayer, tears roll down. That’s the way to experience the inner bliss which cannot be contained and hence erupts out.  Any emotion which overflows in us and cannot be contained inside the brim flows out.

“If tears of joy, tears of love, tears of ecstasy have not washed your cheeks, you are yet to experience life.” – Sadhguru

The society has limited and caged the natural expression of overflowing-ness. Many men are afraid to show the emotion for the feeling of being judged. “I am a man and am crying, what will others think?” Killing that rising emotion doesn’t do any good. Over time it stresses out your body. Similarly, even women apologize when tears flow in open. There is nothing to apologize for. Do you apologize for laughing?  A person, who cannot cry, over time, cannot laugh too. Everything is interconnected. You begin to lose the ability to feel the emotions deeply. They come, you halt them, prevent them from touching you and soon this becomes your body’s fight mechanism. Every deep emotion which should have been the natural state starts giving your brain a warning signal. “Too much emotion, abort!”

Tears are sacred

They are not a sign of a weakling. Softer hearts is not a sign of a coward. It means that you have the strength to be kind, compassionate and in touch with your sentiments even in this world who tried its best to move you away from your emotive state.

On the spiritual path, you will come across many overwhelming experiences which will fill your heart and then overflow in the form of tears. There will be inexplicable bliss. That day, you will realize how tears are sacred and celebratory.

“Through tears, you will know how to see. Tear-filled eyes are capable of seeing the truth. Tear-filled eyes are capable of seeing the beauty of life and the benediction of it.” – Osho

 May we experience the bliss in tears!


One comment on “There is Sacredness in Tears…

  1. Abigail
    May 30, 2017

    Well said. Thank You!

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