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Flower Power

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Have you ever seen a flower down
Sometimes angels skip around
And in their blissful state of glee
Bump into a daisy or sweet pea.
~Terri Guillemets

Blissfully blossoming in a large lawn or merrily smiling in a hanging pot; standing tall in a vase or sometimes a long forgotten wrinkled bud between the pages of a book; flowers enchant us every time we see them. Celebrations, gifts, prayers, festivals, birthdays, funerals- flowers are present in every ritual of our lives. Are they just the decorative ornaments? Did the Creator just put them to bring colors to a green world? Butterflies, hornets and bees disagree. The world is not only just a happier and vibrant place because of them but also they help to keep it cooler and wetter; they helped spurred evolution; they purify air; sustain the environment and more. They are a beautiful powerhouse.


flower lotus

In Eastern cultures, flower offering to the deity is an important aspect of the prayer. It represents the ether out of the five elements of creation. There are some guidelines as to which flower matches with a certain energy of the divine. Lotus is one significant flower in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. Its unfolding petals represent the expansion of the soul.
Each of the seven chakras is often represented through distinct colored flowers. As the bud opens and blooms into a flower, so is the state of chakras depicted. Some portray a closed bud, some are slightly opened and some are fully blooming. The blooming suggests a balanced activated chakra. The crown chakra is represented by thousand-petaled lotus.

Mother and her Flower connect

Flowers are a beautiful constant reminder of the sweetness from Mother Earth. Without flowers, we would have missed the beautiful, colorful and spirited smiles of nature. There is a deeper connection of souls with flowers. They are not just visually beautiful but are considered a powerful aid in the spiritual journey.

Many spiritual seekers and masters have told us the significance of flowers in their own words of wisdom. One of them was Mirra Alfassa, who later was known to her followers as the Mother and was the spiritual collaborator with Sri Aurobindo in India. She had a deep connection with flowers and included them as a part of her daily activities. According to her, apart from the hue, scent, prettiness of form and texture of a flower, there is an aspiration, an emanation, a psychic giving, silent prayers of nature and a progress in the evolution of the Earth. All these attributes together form the spiritual significance of a flower. A conscious and intimate relationship with flowers can give an understanding of the Divine and awakens the true consciousness within us. Her work is published in the book called Flowers & their messages.

Energy Mediums


It’s not surprising that flowers are considered a magical source of energies in occult and apothecaries. The flowers have been used in healing and magic spells from centuries. They can act as a medium because flowers are very receptive to your energies. The negative vibes from you or your house or any other place where a flower is grown or kept will make it wilt sooner than it is supposed to be. That’s why they are considered tender; it’s not just in form of soft appearance but energies too.

People who know how to transfer energies on a conscious level have used flowers as an aid to bestow protective or nurturing energies. Mother Alfassa herself has told how she was given petals of pomegranate flower by one known occultist for her protection. It always made her felt warm with energies. One day, she suddenly felt as if something is lost. She couldn’t feel the energy anymore. That evening, she figured out that the petals were gone.


In Ayurveda, flowers are used as a potion to cure various diseases.

Rosewater is used for cooling effect on skin as well as eyes. Regular use of pure rose water as eye-drops is very beneficial. A bit of tingling feeling in eyes for few seconds is normal when you are not used to it.

Jasmine is supposed to be a healer just by its fragrance. It has a calming effect on mind and body. If it is near your bedroom window, it will give you a peaceful sleep.

Pomegranate flowers juice helps in mouth ulcers.

Chamomile is used widely in skin medications.

Marigold flower concoction is used for treating stones.

There are thousands of such uses in Ayurveda where flowers are used in powdered form or oils to heal body, mind and spirit.

Bring flower energies

The best way is to plant them around. Speak to them. They listen. They know your vibes. They purify indoor air. There are many flowering plants such as marigold, germanium and lavenders which keep the harmful insects away without harming your kids and pets.

Apart from that, flower essences are used in many flower related therapies and incense sticks & diffusers. Meditating on a flower is also one of the methods where you look at the flower and gradually focus your thoughts on the beauty of it. The flow of thoughts come and goes but eventually, it will calm your mind.

It has been proved that flowers alleviate anxiety and reduce stress.

Ikebana, a Japanese art of arranging flowers, is not just an art. The masters of the art have taught it as a spiritual practice. The patience, the symbolism, the connect with nature are the key requirements. The bond with the flowers deepens with this. You can learn that too.

The creator might have thought of adding colors but with flowers, he gave us not just the hue but a gentle yet dynamic form of energy which lifts the spirits wherever they bloom.

May our soul blooms the way flowers do!



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