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Swati Singh

No more Winter Blues

Published on New York Spirit


Winters are sneaking in where I live and have already unfurled its frosty white sheet in many parts of the world.  Sun is planning to take an off from work and hence clouds, rain, snow are all set to perform in its absence. A book and a cup of ginger-basil tea – these are two of my favorite things in winters. The reflection which one gets from an insightful book in the cozy blanket along with sipping tea is heavenly.

Spiritually, winter is a time of turning within and contemplating. Slowing down, hushing the mind and harnessing the energy. It is time to take rest from the mayhem of life. Nature slows down by being in an energy saving mode. It is asking you to do the same.

The lack of sunshine in weather can cause gloominess. Moods can fall with the dipping temperatures. The Greenlandic calls the winter depression due to very less sun and endless seeming darkness as perlerorneq. The word means ‘the weight of life.’  Let’s be all prepared to handle winter blues so that the season can be enjoyed in its all glory.

Brighter lights – Less or no sunlight results in sluggishness and low energies. We are susceptible to mood swings, disrupted sleeping cycles and eating disorders. Undrape the curtains; let the natural light come in throughout the day. Your house should have warmer tones of artificial light. Let the whole winters be Christmassy! However, keep in mind to lower them down at least one hour before sleep. We do not want to affect the sleeping cycle.

Exercise – Exercising is an answer for almost everything! It enhances the action of endorphins-chemicals that circulate throughout the body.  A study from Harvard University proved that regular exercise can improve mood in people with mild to moderate depression. They suggest walking fast for half an hour.

Go out – Even though winters tend to push you back and snuggle in a cozy quilt, take the time to get out in afternoons to allow nature to give you a bear hug. Nature’s touch is a healer. In severe winter conditions, please use discretion in doing so.

Solitude – Solitude is different from loneliness. It is when you take time off from distractions to be with your own company. In the constant cacophony of gadgets and marathon of the business world, we forget to be with ourselves. Longer nights are a reminder of giving time to you. Sit with fire energy around you.  Meditate. Breathe in and out. Keep a smile on your face even if you cannot remember a reason. Eventually, you will remember one.

Sow Seeds – This is the season to sow seeds. Seeds will yield the crop in spring. For that, the land should be first cleared of the weeds and fertilizers should be added. Similarly, we need to first remove the things that do not serve us – internally and externally both. Let go of the past hurt and emotions that are lowering your energies. It is easier said than done; nevertheless, it is possible with daily efforts. It is okay to fight with your emotions. That is the way they will slowly clear out. Look forward and free yourself of the trauma you are holding. It is weighing you down. Gravity is the only thing which should weigh you down, nothing else. Then, add the manure of meditation. Sit in peace daily for half an hour. Just you and nature. These are the seeds you are sowing. With this, the energy flow will get balanced by the time spring will come.

The cycle of seasons is a nature’s way of revealing how to be in sync with the natural forces. Winter Solstice on December 21st has marked the longest night and shortest day of the year for the Northern hemisphere. This period is the time to gain wisdom. To understand the depth of the black nights; the power of compelling dreams in the long peaceful sleep, to be in the trance of imagination and creativity, to discover sacred darkness inside each of us which will gradually make us heal our wounds.

May the winters bless us with its warmth and wisdom!



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