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6 Intentions for a New You in New Year

Published on New York Spirit


Doesn’t it feel like 2016 went by so fast? Resolutions can have a bad reputation. One miss and you get a good reason not to follow it further. Let’s decide to have elasticity in resolutions this time and call them intentions. No more ‘one-act-breaks-the-flow’ rule.

1.“I will love myself”

Till the time you will keep comparing yourself with others, you are hurting yourself for no real reason. Make a resolution that you will remind yourself every morning that you are enough. You do not need any approvals, any likes on social media or any external acceptance. You will do what your soul whispers to you. No one is above or beneath you. Stand for yourself, stand for what is right. When you learn to love yourself, you would see that this spark of joy will exuberate in your aura and will attract the right kind of people in your life.

2. “I will be grateful”

You should watch a video by Insider where colorblind people see colors for the first time. It is a soul-stirring sight where they are overjoyed to see the color of the sky and their loved ones. We take everything for granted and crib on useless things. Be grateful for the gifts you have. Appreciate the happiness you already have but which is concealed under the dust of ingratitude.

3. “I will be a minimalist”

There is a quote, “No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say, ‘She had a really expensive couch and great shoes.Don’t make life about stuff.”  Possessions cannot fill the depth of any heart; kindness, gratitude, empathy, and love can.

There is a Swedish word, lagom, which means not too little, not too much, just about right. That’s how much your materialistic life should be. I am not asking you to denounce comforts. Just do not get trapped in consumerism. Instead, invest in emotions and relationships, kindness and humanity. It will give you a freedom you never felt before.

4. “I will learn more”

Never stop learning. Read books that teach you something; which helps to open your eyes to a perspective which you could never have thought of. Learn more intricacies of your hobby. Learn a new art. Learn a new lovemaking skill. Why not?

5. “I will eat healthily”

Giving into cravings is very easy. Conquering them, too, is not that difficult. Buy mindfully. You can easily replace the junk with the good food. When your refrigerator and kitchen will only have nuts instead of wafers and fruits instead of instant mixes, your diet habits will change. Your body will thank you for that. Even if you indulge in junk because you just couldn’t stop drooling over that patisserie’s menu, it is okay — continue the healthy food cycle the next day.

Exercise a bit. No excuse. In case you cannot join gym or yoga class, start with walking for half an hour. Increase it to running and then basic exercises at home. The point of joining any class is that you get disciplined to do it every day.

6. “I will not be addicted to social media”

Spend more time in witnessing occasions instead of recording them. Live the moment, now. It is fine to be on social media, but it should be just one bit of your otherwise large life; not the other way around. If one has the urge to show off constantly how happy they are, they are not! The happier ones are those who are living life when others are busy posting about it. Limit the social media as a tool to stay in touch, reading good stuff, promoting awareness about a cause and marketing. Your self-esteem shouldn’t be based on selfies, check-ins, or photographs – yours or others!

Six resolutions, ain’t that too much? Begin at least with two of them and then slowly bring together all six. Even if you fail to keep the resolution some days, try on other days. It will still count. Let this New Year bring the best version of you – happy and blessed!

May you retain all the resolutions you make!



One comment on “6 Intentions for a New You in New Year

  1. Ditch The Stuff
    January 6, 2017

    Thank you for sharing about “lagom”. What a great term!

    Liked by 1 person

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