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Autumn Hues – Spiritual Balancing


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Autumn is tip-toeing into our homes and lives. It is a time of transformation. The green is turning into varied shades of auburn and yellow. The breeze is growing into the wind and is orchestrating the rhythm of leaves often making them fall like snowflakes. The ground is beautifully getting covered in a golden carpet. The lavender daisies and stylish crocus are melting hearts. The trees are looking mature and thoughtful. The sky has lovely strokes of paintbrushes. Nature is at its artistic best!

I Love Autumn, don’t you?

Even though autumn is equated with fading and end of a cycle, I have always loved the multitude hues of this season – visually as well as spiritually. Maybe being born in autumn has something to do with the attachment I hold.

Nature gives us various seasons to give our life an opportunity to flow through different stages of consciousness and awareness. Autumn is a season to reflect, to ponder, to look within and learn. When we step in to introspect and think deeply, the chaos of thoughts can disturb us; nature turns itself into multitude vibrant shades to uplift the spirits and tell you to be easy on yourself. The balance is important as we turn inwards; weeds should be rooted out but the plant should not be hurt.

Autumn equinox is not far away. September 22nd is when the day and the night get balanced signifying the beings on earth to begin the work of spiritual transformation. After this day, the nights shall be longer. The darkness will be lengthier asking you to slow down on the path to understand the inner blocks. We should take this time to remove those dark areas of ourselves which we couldn’t realize while walking tirelessly in the light. Darkness is not an evil. It is just the other end of the whole spectrum.

What to do this season?

Go for a walk: The evening walks are wonderfully serene these days. Switch off from technology and go into the lap of nature. Grasp the nature’s beauty and wisdom of the trees. Your thoughts will be clearer in many matters of life. While walking, ask yourself, what part of your life is turning brown and withering away but you are holding onto it? Release it. Make space for new leaves to bloom in your life.

Fall Cleaning: Many festivals around the world in autumn calls for cleaning. Even if you do not celebrate the festival, you should definitely indulge in fall cleaning. Clean the overlooked corners and long forgotten bookshelf. Allow fresh air to reach in every place. Maybe introduce autumn décor. The idea is to let go of what doesn’t serve you even in the form of materials and possessions. It uplifts the energy of your house.

Body Rituals: Autumn is Vata season as per Ayurveda. Eat nourishing foods high in protein. Less raw vegetables and avoid cooling and drying foods. Indulge in warm sesame oil massage followed by gentle steam bath or warm shower. Citrus essential oils are the fragrance for this season.

Soul Ritual: Burn a candle. Meditate on the flame with open eyes. In case it is uneasy, you can close your eyes too. Take time to connect to the fall around you. Let go of the hurt in the past. Forgive. Fill yourself with the gratitude of being alive. Let the happiness set in.

May this fall lift our spirits!


2 comments on “Autumn Hues – Spiritual Balancing

  1. Jim Odell
    February 13, 2017

    I’ve enjoyed your article in the current “Science of Mind” magazine. You write well. I would like to share with you that as I give or donate or even offer to do so, I’ve had to investigate my motives. I understand that I will be robbed and this has actually occurred to me. More than once. Desperate people do desperate things, even when in high social positions. I’ve attempted to base my every interchange with others on love. There is a difference between judging and observing. No group or organization is exempt from the unscrupulous. Yet, I don’t find it necessary to walk on the dark side of the road.
    I’d rather deal with a thief who tells me he is a thief than a bishop who steals on the sly.
    Thank you for your article.
    Jim Odell


    • Swati Singh
      March 9, 2017

      Thank you, Jim for sharing your views. We all have been there when kindness goes wrong for us. However, that should not restrict us to stop being kind. Mindful and humble are the two words which should go along.

      The article is now available on the blog.


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