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Swati Singh

The Power of Water

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Watching the vast, mighty yet tranquil ocean with endless peripheries for hours is one of the best therapies for me. The serenity it brings to my mind, body and soul is not less than the power of meditation. The rhythmic waves dancing on the shore, the radiant blue-green hue, the squealing birds, the solitude of the beach, everything is perfect to connect to nature which in turn makes one connect within.

So what is so mystical about water? The fact that it is life sustaining says much more than what we take for granted. We might assume the sparkly potion sealed in a witch’s workshop to be magical as it has all the mystery around it but won’t give the same credit to water even though it is a magic potion in itself.

Water is one of the five elements of life. It is a cleanser and healer. Water is the opposite element of fire and hence both of them balance the nature. Metaphysically, water holds vibrations perfectly and for sustained periods of time. The element of water symbolizes the ebb and flow of our complex emotions. Too much of this element in our life can ‘flood’ us; too little can ‘dry’ us up. Maintaining a sense of equilibrium is hence crucial.

We have used water for healing since ancient times – the restorative effects of hot springs, mineral baths and geothermal mud are excellent. Wudu, mikveh, ganges bath, ablution, baptism; every culture has the practice of purification through water. Most ancient cultures uphold spiritual creation stories accepting water as the origin of life. There are numerous deities dedicated to water across all the culture to establish the spiritual significance of water – Aphrodite, Ea, Isis, Mariamni, Tiamat, Yemaya, Neptune, Poseidon, Lir, Oceanus, Kanaloa, Sedna, Apsu and Njord.

The fable of occultists foreseeing the occurrences in water using it as a medium is in every grandma’s stories across cultures.

The sound of water, too, is considered therapeutic. It can be the sound of rain, sea waves or even the Tibetan singing water bowls.

Dreaming of water has various meanings depending upon various forms and events. Dancing in rain shows joyful life; getting drenched in heavy rains shows depression; watching snowfall indicates a transformation in life, blizzard shows emotional turmoil with no support from anyone. Sometimes it can indicate illness too. Sea is a symbol of sensitivity inside us and also signals new found passion in our life.

Rituals for raising vibrations with water cleansing

We all have heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s discoveries of the effect of words vibrations on the crystalline structure of water. So, we can infuse our drinking water with positive emotions. Thoughts of gratitude, joy, love and happiness before consuming water is simple yet effective.

Saltwater cleansing is another way to cleanse off negativities from you and your house. Words yelled in anger, hatred, fights and negative emotions from people in our house can lower our energy. Spray the water mixed with lime and salt on your walls and windows. Wipe it off clean.

Take rock salt and mix it with warm water in a bucket. Put your legs in the bucket. Sit with a focus on good intentions. You will feel lighter and relaxed after this therapy. Please throw the water in the sink as it contains the residue of your negativity.

You can also soak in a bath tub filled with lukewarm water mixed with Epsom salt and essential oils. Use candles instead of artificial light. The calm effect it will have on your body and mind is incredible.

By warming water, we are essentially inducing fire element in water and hence using both to our use. Cold water can also be used if we want regenerative vibrations and cool off from tension.

At the workplace, keep one glass of water at your desk. It traps the negativity from people around. Refill it daily.

Begin your mornings by pouring water to the Sun right after the shower. Take a copper or bronze vessel. Stand facing the sun. Pour water slowly by raising hands above your head (crown chakra). Look at the morning sun through the flowing water. This ritual should be done only to the morning sun. It strengthens our aura, keeps negativity at bay and prepares us to handle any kind of adversity with much stronger determination.

Water is an inseparable part of our lives. Recognizing it spiritually makes us aware of the significance and magical effects it can have on us.

May we get cleansed and nourished by the magic of divine water, eternally!


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