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Swati Singh

The Sacred Fire

Published on New York Spirit


The fire was one of the first discoveries of the caveman. The spark by rubbing two pebbles introduced us to one of the five elements of life. The excursion which began afterward as a means to food, protection and eventually an industrial development was merely unearthing the basic human requisites. The real journey of decoding the mystery of life and recognizing the light began when the holy wise men imparted us the wisdom behind the connection of fire with our soul. The journey continues even today and will go on till this realm exists.

The belief that fire is sacred and significant is not restricted to any particular religion or an era. It is universal. Fire is within us, fire is in nature, fire is an indispensable constituent of every living or even inorganic forms.

When in meditation, we are often asked to concentrate on the flame within us – the soul which inhabits this body. To reach to the flame and realize that fire is us and not the body as we perceive is what our spiritual journey entails.

Fire across cultures

The Rig Veda explains fire, Agni, as the source of light in nature and in our souls. Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism practices yagyas, the fire rituals, to make oneself in harmony with the celestial light and in coherence with nature. The yagya is performed for many reasons – peace, prosperity, cleansing and negating the karmas. The fire acts as a powerful medium to connect with the divine and gain energies on all levels.

The temple of Apollo in Delphi which is a holy site of ancient Greeks had a place in the inner hearth where an eternal flame burned. The Romans, the Europeans, the Persians all had the fire in one form or the other in their culture. Fire was the ancient Celtic God of wisdom.

The Bible refers to the many fire offerings at the illustrious temple in Jerusalem. The burning bush is considered as another symbol of the cosmic fire.

I-Ching, the oldest book of China, also states the spiritual symbolism of Fire. The Mayas and Incas had their great ceremonial fires in their temples and pyramids.

Many natives, tribals and tradition followers still perform fire rituals.

We can find different representational energies of fire across the cultures in the form of Fire deities – Brigit, Pele, Vesta, Agni, Hephaestus, Horus, Prometheus, Vulcan. The aim was to understand the significance and supremacy of fire.

 Power of Fire

When we join in rituals involving sacred fires, particularly at significant days and time — full moon nights or the solstices, we enter into the universal symmetry of light. The whole surge of energy can be felt inside us and then we can see the miracle of transformation in our lives. Fire is a healer and a purifier.

The fire energy is so powerful that it engulfs you within; hence both the fire of love and the fire of hell exist.  It is the same fire. It can be gracious or it can be painful. It can be creative or destructive. However, it always gives back light and warmth. It is up to us to harness the sparkle of this energy in a way that aids in our spiritual growth. There are ways to call upon the energy of the fire in a controlled manner so that we can benefit from this fiery force.

Fire is a complex element to fathom. It may blaze with elation or rage; it may offer life-giving light or can cause damage. It expresses different hues in its flame — starting with blue and white, it glares to the top with yellow, orange and red.

Dreaming of fire with positive feel suggests warmth, light and illuminated path in our life. The ferocious fire could mean emotional turmoil, conflicts, chaos and subconscious pains.

Synchronize with fire

Fire is the light within each one of us.

Light a candle or the cotton wick lamp and observe the flame. Meditate with open eyes. Know that this flame exists within you – near the heart chakra. When done daily, there is a deep connect which happens with the divine. The messages are conveyed through this fire which we light. If the candle or the wick lamp’s flame extinguishes before the fuel finishes, there is a warning which comes forth indicating the disruption in the connection between you and the divine.

Burning sage, camphor, dhoop, incense also can be done along with this for deeper levels of concentrations.

Fire cleanses the atmosphere and burns the negatives around us.

Organize a small yagya ceremony with your spiritual group in an open area. Mango twigs are kept in an iron or copper vessel and ghee is used as fuel. With the chanting of mantras and offerings of ‘hawan-samagri’ which is a mixture of dried cleansing herbs, leaves and roots, the energy of the whole place lifts up. Please do it under guidance.

When we include fire energy in our spiritual rituals, we are connected with the ultimate power sources and are open to receive energies which make our aura grow brighter. Synchronize your inner fire with the fire that is in front of you and feel the energy.

May we soak up all energies from cosmic fire, strengthen our inner flame and eventually become that pure fire!


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