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Swati Singh

Lovingly, Love!

Published on New York Spirit


Doesn’t love remain the simplest yet the complicated phenomenon in our lives? Fancy ideas are given by the media, superfluous standards by the society and fuzzy definitions by our so-called logical brains. Thankfully, love outshines all these humanly self-centered classifications.

Is it an emotion? NO.

We all have felt something which we termed ‘love’.  Is it an emotion? No. Emotions are shallow. Emotions are false at times. None of the emotion can be eternal or boundless. Grief heals with time. Anger subsides after a violent storm. Happiness fades away on a cloudy day. Excitement turns into tediousness sooner or later.

Love? Love is energy. It goes on.  If it doesn’t look like that to you, then love was belittled to just an emotion in your life which never could transform into an endless energy that makes our soul contented and blissful.

There is a space which gets created in the matrix of the universe by our love bond. The aura of this space glows up or goes dim as influenced by your true feelings and interactions. The purer and deeper our love is, the more white and yellow-orange hues it will carry. I call it the love-sun. It is a bright, spherical, celestial form which reveals the strength of our love energy or the relationship we have. When we understand the significance of unconditional love and give our soul to it, it will always be shining. Sure, there could be some cloudy days — the arguments or the interferences — all of those days are to learn newer dimensions of our soul’s ability to love and be love.

The façade of love

Many times, characteristics like need, desire, insecurity, fear disguise themselves as love and fool us. That might be one of the reasons for many failed relationships.

The need to have a partner because of social security, status or the mindset to walk the society’s norm is set to end up in a failed or dis-satisfactory relationship in due course. The energies might seem to match initially because of the physical and material desires.

Now, if the desire was the reason, it will end in the long run. Desire is fulfilled once you have the person you had your eyes on or maybe once you got married. Human nature is to move on to the next desire.

This need will imprison the relationship into the boundary of one’s comfort levels. People talk about giving personal space in the relationship these days. Where is the space left after you have given your whole self to love? If there is a need of space, it is just an arrangement for convenience. It is just paraphernalia in your scheme of things.

The incapability of self-love also makes one fall victim of anyone who shows any kind of appreciation. We end up being in an abusive relationship. Since we never had any self-worth, we were looking for a shoulder to be dependent on, not love.

There might be love in your relationship if it is not one of the above but if you don’t feel free and ecstatic every day to be in that energy; that love is within confinement. The free nature of love still remains an undiscovered region then. No matter how long you have been in your relationship, it should still sparkle with liveliness. The odds you faced together, the evens you made together, the levels you grew to find that love, to become that love and to get that love will always be visible. The love-sun is shining brightly on you. The connect is deep and the understanding is profound.

Love, Actually

Love goes beyond the primary desires. All those legendary poets who went berserk on defining love were, in fact, trying to articulate how it is way above all the feelings, self-centeredness and pretense.

How do you find this love? Rumi has an answer for you

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 

The barriers of narcissism, the barriers of selfishness, the barriers of prejudices, the barriers of opinions and false dogmas one carries about love.

True love’s energy elevates your soul in its journey. How one understands this energy is based on one’s awareness level and the opportunity life gives to know it.

Not an easy path!

On the path of love, you will face the extremities. At times, it will feel as if you are under the sea water, gasping for breath; you will come out of it too, you will reach the shore too; all you need is faith, awareness and true intentions. Each time you will go through the struggle — slipping on a rocky mountain or drowning in the sea — you will discover new meanings of love — insightful each time, truer each time.

The bliss of love is not for the couple alone, one can feel it with any relationship — man, woman, pets, trees, nature — for love is who we are!

May our soul gets soaked in the unending dimensions of love!


2 comments on “Lovingly, Love!

  1. Swati Singh
    March 6, 2016

    Hey Chunauti! Glad my article came out at the perfect timing when you were looking for answers. I hope someday love will cease to feel complex and will cross that boundary of intricacies which we ourselves create. It is tough, I know, but liberating for sure.
    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


  2. Chunauti
    March 6, 2016

    Hi! Its amazing, how I was just thinking about all this n also whether Love is just an emotion, just like other emotions…and then mindlessly scrolling on facebook few minutes later, i found your article…Love still feels complex but your article provides great food for thought and some peace. Thanks a lot 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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