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Swati Singh

The Realm of Dreams

Published on New York Spirit


Dreams–an orphic world! Where time has altered dimensions, colors have wide spectrum, and realism has a new description. Every day we travel to an unknown world which looks quite bizarre when we wake up. Are these just the imaginations? Do they really mean anything?

The dream world has fascinated me since I was a kid. What I couldn’t understand then was that they are always cryptic and seldom hold straight implications. I remember seeing future occurrences too. It was although never an important event or a warning of future catastrophe, but a simple occurrence which really happened the next day. I was overjoyed as well as dumbstruck to experience that.

Fast forward to a few years ahead: I finished college and got a job, but my dreams repeatedly put me back in school–hassled, searching my bag. Why was I still there?

Maybe it was the desire to meet a person who could help me understand this complex world– a saint who can see the matrix, energies, and understand the dream world and much more. It was at this time that my journey to comprehend this universe began. Gradually, I could see that I had not gotten over my own preoccupation with school life. Once I could recognize insincerity and shrewdness in people around me, I cut them off. I haven’t seen such school dreams ever since. The bag represented my possessions–the emotions I was holding back and not letting go.

Dreams are a road to our subconscious, signals to our complex emotions, and also a way for us to travel astral planes.

Numerous dream dictionaries may give you a representation of what a particular symbol means, but a dream interpretation is much more than just a symbol. It is about your emotions whilst in dream; the timings; sometimes the color; whether you saw yourself in the dream as a third person and much more.

There are many common dreams which we all see and are related to our life stress and bubbling emotions inside us:

Seeing yourself naked is a sign of feeling vulnerable. You are anxious that your true feelings will come out in the open and that you might face ridicule. Other people in this dream will signify what it is related to; maybe at work or with a new relationship. If people are not noticing your nudity, then your feelings are just your speculative fear. In the case where you see yourself naked but are not embarrassed, you are experiencing (or about to experience) unrestricted freedom in your life or you are on the road to overcome fear.

A death in dream might suggest an end of a phase in your life; your life is all set to carve a different direction.

Snakes in dreams are synonymous to riches, sex, and danger. Any of these will slowly tiptoe into your life. A white snake represents a pure soul but can also signify wealth. A black snake represents both sex and danger, depending upon the context of the dream. The explanation comes only after carefully analyzing each symbol, conversation, color, feeling, time and other elements in the dream. It is just not the psychology of it, but much deeper, the philosophy too.

The defining moment in this journey came to me when I could see one of my close relatives who passed away recently. It haunted me. It was so surreal. I woke up as if life was thrown into my otherwise lifeless body; as if I wasn’t there all the while I was dreaming. I was travelling to another plane where she was showing me her desires. She was stuck in mid-plane as she cut the life-chord herself. She started visiting me in my dreams more often. It was some out-of-this-world experience. She was in pain. A soul, when it is unable to move towards the light and is stuck in mid-plane, is a nomad and attached to earthly life.

Many of you must have seen your deceased parents or friends in your dreams. Try to remember them as clearly as possible in the morning. They always have a message for you. They will either come to comfort you in the times of pain or will show you a way ahead. You did not dream about them; you travelled to a plane where you can see them and they can talk to you.

Each one of us comes to this earthly plane to wash off our karma and learn lessons.Dreams are just one of the many ways to help us understand the greater universe above us.

Dreams look bizarre and out of order only after you wake up. It is always making sense while you are in it. It is one of the gifts given to us so as to understand what our worldly-trained, logical mind doesn’t seem to accept in our waking life. The way to see more meaningful dreams is to start focusing on them. The more you dive deeper into their meanings and relevance to you, the more they will start looking significant and will make sense to you.

Dreams are akin to a meditative state of mind. All our senses are disengaged when we sleep; we travel where our subconscious takes us, we are unaware of this world, we talk with our soul, we fleet above this realm, we experience bliss!

May our dreams be the source of enlightenment to us!


One comment on “The Realm of Dreams

  1. Mritunjay Singh
    July 5, 2017

    Beautifully written👍

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