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Swati Singh

Karmic Relationships: The Hidden Lessons

Published on New York Spirit


Believe it or not, but everything in this universe works on permutations and combinations. There is a great mathematician up there who has woven this matrix. The destiny of meeting someone or an array of overpowering events we encounter is all about the probabilities of the decisions we will make. If we choose card A, the path will be slightly different from the card B route, although eventually, the lessons will be the same. Tastes of suffering and joy too can alter with the option we choose to bring into our lives.

There is always, always a reason why we meet people in our lives. Everyone has a role to play in our life’s movie. We will meet many people in our lives when our life is on the verge of transformation. This happens not once or twice, but many times in a lifetime. There will be two kinds we will bump into. One will be those who will make a dent in our lives–positive or negative. They will make us learn significant lessons. The second type will be in the supporting actor roles–the connecting dots–that will make us meet the main characters through brief interactions. Likewise, we too play a significant lesson-contributor role to many of these people. It is a mutually beneficial role we play which is disguised as painful or joyous experiences.

What role does Karma play in relationships?

Karma decides our path for the next life. It is the reason for rebirth. If we could learn all the lessons and cleanse ourselves in one lifetime, we wouldn’t need to come again.

Karma’s role is to make us meet the right kind of energies which will assist us in learning lessons and cleansing ourselves in due course. The energies (or the people carrying it) are always right (even though we might label them as ‘wrong’) and are necessary for us to evolve. Difficulties offer much more of a chance to progress on the continuum of our soul path.

Has destiny written down whom will we meet? Well, destiny is determined by our accumulated karma over our many lives. There are probabilities of nine similar energies that will come across at every changing terminal of our life. Yes, at every juncture of our life, there will be nine people whose energies will be similar to give us that particular lesson which our soul is seeking. We won’t see them all at once, nor will we go to all. Our decision will determine which one of them we will let in our life. Our decision will affect the intensity of hurt, trauma, and distress. The lesson will definitely be the same. For example, if we had to learn how to respect and love ourselves, we have a probability of getting into a tough relationship–one could be a difficult and stressful marriage and a divorce; nine could be an abusive relationship. The intensity of pain and suffering is reliant on what we chose and how big a wake-up call we might require to awaken from the slumber of false beliefs.

What is a karmic relationship?

Do you remember meeting that someone special where you felt some sort of connection? Something about them was magnetizing. That was our past life remnants which our soul was recognizing and pushing us towards them. Many significant people in our lives are our karmic relationships. They come into our lives so that we discover ourselves, learn the significant lessons in our lives and move towards realizing the greater truth. They also come to get the same from you.

The purpose is to work together to balance the karmic dues and eventually heal. Either it gets resolved by understanding unconditional love and forgiveness and other lessons, or it gets carried forward to the next life. Abusive patterns tend to move over lifetimes as they are difficult lessons. They have to be broken to set ourselves free.

Soulmates are nothing but a fancy name given to the energies which vibrate at the same frequency as us that come into our life in human form to guide us to learn, cleanse, and reach the Moksha. The body disintegrates hence we need new bodies to learn and we keep coming back. The final goal is not to reunite with the soulmate but to attain salvation–to assimilate into the Source.

Relationships are forces that help us sculpt our path.  Souls and circumstances are the powers that guide us. A profound experience in any relationship happens when both the souls carry similar energies in terms of growth and lessons. If one soul gets more awakened than the other over the years, the relationship gets tensed as the energies lose their equilibrium.

Why is it necessary?

We all have gone through hurt, pain, anger, and almost all kinds of emotional upheavals in our previous relationships. Let us understand that it is because we had to learn important lessons which could come only in this way. It could be only through a tormenting experience that we get ready for the next experience of our life by recognizing clearly what we do not want. Our energy starts repelling the pattern once we get out of it completely and start seeking a partner with whom we will grow and learn. I learned about loving and respecting myself. I am now a free and happy version of me. How did you change?

May we recognize and break the patterns in our life to become a free-spirited soul that will soar high to merge with light!


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