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Swati Singh

Spirituality and Pets

Published on New York Spirit

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France


The bond between a person and their pet can be deeper than any other relationship. The profoundness is incomparable. The happiness which a wagging tail, a fluffy scruff, the flopping ears, the soft purr, the twittering music, or the fish huddles give us … no other thing in the world can give. A pet’s love is not adulterated by ego, selfishness, or any other iniquity.

We often hear people complain about how some pet owners treat their pets more like people than they do most human beings. Isn’t it reasonable, though? You come across many people who are not worthy of your love, but you will never find a pet that is not.

Why do pets come into our lives?

How did you find your pet? Bought it? Adopted it?

There’s always a reason why a pet comes into your life. It can be a spiritual or human. Maybe you felt a need for compassion or a companion in a tough phase of your life. Very less often, a pet comes into your life on its own when you were not expecting him, and it just happened. That was a spiritual intervention in your life.

Just like the way you are connected to several people in life’s matrix, you too are connected with these furry (or scaly or winged) souls. There is a moment in time when it will happen, and there is a departing point in time to it, too. However, if you force a pet in your life when you were not meant to, you could see undesirable signs: sickness, gloominess, and even death. You must have heard that in few houses, fish die as quickly as they come, no matter how much care they receive. There is no ‘connect,’ and animals cannot survive where they cannot connect with your energy.

Have you seen people who draw animals wherever they go, even strays? Dogs walk behind them wiggling their tails, birds sit on them fearlessly, cats purr affectionately at them, and even so-called dangerous animals are very calm in their presence. What makes these people different is a gracious aura. Such people do not get repulsed by any animal licking or rubbing up against them, even if they are strays. Animals sense this aura. Most of us carry a threatening aura–our fears, our despised attitude towards them and more–and animals will therefore either fear us or be indifferent to our presence.

You might have seen dogs appear from nowhere and sit next to someone meditating, and it’s for the same reason. A person’s aura becomes clarified, non-threatening, and loving–and therefore inviting.

Pets also come into our lives to help us ascend our consciousness. They serve us by raising our subconscious, by making us better human beings. They are our spiritual guides and our soul companions.

What do they teach us?

They teach us the purest form of love in a way that nothing else in this universe can. They do not expect anything from us. They are happy to see us, they are happy to love us. They give us an opportunity to know our own capability of love. Over time, we will realize the circle of love with them is unfathomable and indescribable.

They are forgiving. They remember your kindness and love and forget your reprimanding and bitter words.

They warn you about future adversities. You may have heard about the woman whose dog, Henry, pawed and nipped at her right breast. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer causes the body to release certain organic compounds that only a dog can smell, and he was a protecting angel in her life.

Have you heard of the black cat superstition? Well, the truth behind it is that it’s not the cat which is evil; she is a messenger to warn you of possible danger. She appears to slow you down, to adjust your pace, making you continue on a bit later so that you will escape the unseen. Not everyone gets to see these messengers at the right time!

They heal our lives. We heal quickly in the presence of our loving pets as the power of the love they have is the antidote to any disease. When we are enveloped in sadness, our pets always lift our spirits.

They tell us how each and every day is exciting. They look forward to their walks and their playtime with you. Everything is full of wonder for them. They live in the moment and ask you to do the same.

They teach us to be real to ourselves. Your pet doesn’t have a false side to him, and he thinks the same of you. You say “coochie-coo” and pet him, and he will feel loved. He knows only one side of the coin. That’s why you should essentially try to be the person your pet thinks you are.

What should we do to connect with our pets on a deeper level?

Many of us strive to communicate with our pets on a deeper level, and we often do already. We know when our pet feels hungry, sleepy, grumpy, or happy. This happens because of time spent together, and eventually, we develop the ability to communicate almost telepathically. We might not all have it on the level which Anna Breytenbach has; she can understand the hidden trauma and deepest fears within animals–but we can always try to be closer to them in every way possible.


Start by letting them be free. No leash, no cages. You don’t own them, you serve them. If they do not belong to you, they will fly away. If they do, they will come back to you after their brief stroll.

Spend silent moments with them before sleep. Allowing them to sleep near to you will bond you deeper. Singing to your animals or practicing meditation near them makes them feel lighter and joyful. Spend time with them, and keep them close to nature.

Pets are our guides, our cushions, our companions for life. If we shower them with care and affection they will nourish our souls in transcendence.

Our pets see the bright light within us–the light with which our souls glow. They heal us, teach us, and love us; all of this unconditionally. You are truly blessed if they are a part of your life. And they are truly fortunate to have you in theirs.


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