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Swati Singh

Take Nothing For Granted

Published on New York Spirit

Have you ever observed your grandfather keenly cleaning and preserving his old bike, taking hours and proudly telling you it still works fine? Or even how his age-old watch is as good as new? Or have you seen his blooming garden? It is not because he has a lot of time now as he has retired from the job; it is because he still cares for his gears like he did when the day he got them. It is because he values each and every plant like his own child. This is one virtue we all need to learn from the older generation: take nothing for granted.

In Buddhism, all non-sentient things and living beings are considered equal in nature, and they call for respect and compassion. All of the vegetation, earth, mountain, rivers are part of nature’s innumerable blessings. As we grow spiritually, we understand that our responsibility extends towards everything. The more we respect, the more we get.

The more you care for plants, the more thankful they are and express their happiness in their own language–they blossom finer and faster. The energy you are giving them is what they will be giving you back. Similarly, your pet who is all grown up now stays hale and hearty if you are giving him the same energy and significance you did when he was a cute pup.


The question arises: Does this theory extend to non-living materials also?

I say, why not? Even man-made materials are a product of the earth’s resources and energies. The more you are thoughtful about respecting objects, the stronger your connection will be to them.

Remember the time when you got your new shoes, or wallet, or phone, or maybe the car? You used to clean it twice a day, used to take the ‘handle with care’ instruction very seriously, used to make a personalized corner for it in your house, used to feel overjoyed just by the sight of it. You felt a sense of achievement, unfathomable joy, extraordinary moments for a few months…and then?

What happened five months down the way?

“Yeah, it’s there somewhere. I have my eyes on something else now!”

Let me show you–the pretty shoes you got are under your bed with one of them kicked near the closet. The wallet– which is in ‘some’ drawer –is chock-full of receipts and random business cards. The phone, on which you spent half a month’s salary, is undoubtedly still near you, but with scratches, you once vowed would never show up. The car is almost fine (or maybe not!) but you are eyeing up the next launch.

And the man or woman on whom you spent the most of your energies–to woo, to love, to do something out of this world for him or her; the feeling that it is the most magical love story; the smiles, the merriment, watching each other for hours, the goose-bumps, hours of lovemaking–do you still feel the same?

If you still have all the sentiments intact for everything around you, let me congratulate you and tell you to come back to this piece of writing when you stop feeling that way. In all my sincere wishes, I hope you do not. To others, relax; it’s human to feel so, but definitely not leading you to your soul path.

We tend to take things for granted as they are no longer ‘new’ in our head. Other things take over and we assume whatever exists in our life will be there forever. Psychologically, it is alright to feel this way to some extent so that we do not become distressed and anxious. But we can make some conscious effort today so that we do not ‘lose’ things tomorrow and regret it. Keeping the spark alive is essential not only in your relationships but with any object you use.

Do you know that your possessions share your aura?

It is an exchange of energies. All the energy you give away builds up in your entities. This makes it glow with an aura which makes it appear special. The more energy you put forth, the more you receive. The ones who have enjoyed more attention and care have a positive aura; the ones who were neglected, on the other hand, have weak ones. It’s actually the energy you put into them that reflects back. The more you care, the more their energies assist you.

Let’s look at your wallet. It is where the flow of wealth comes in. There is an energy attached. If it is stuffed with bills, you are keeping expenses in it. Feng Shui discourages this habit.

The other most vital thing we overlook is our health. It is you being taken for granted by you. You are assuming it will be fine tomorrow because it is fine today. That’s why you are not keen on exercising or restraining unhealthy food habits. I need not tell you what can happen tomorrow.

Coming back to relationships, why is it that we have made it a matter of fact that long-lasting ones don’t have the same zeal? The truth is, you stopped working for the relationship, you stopped respecting the bond in a way you once did, you stopped giving time to it, you stopped being creative and playful with it, you stopped making efforts to keep it fresh. In all its ways, you started taking it for granted. And that’s when things changed. The little joys started losing their significance in your head because something else became the priority…or maybe you misconceived the true meaning of the relationship. “The relationship is done. I need other ways to prove myself.”

You will never have enough feathers in your cap; it will always seem like one short to you. But the truth is, the cap will always be empty because the feathers you collected earlier are falling somewhere on the road of disregard.

Make an intention to honor everything as precious. I do not suggest being insecure of everything, or to be madly attached to materialistic bits and pieces. Everything should be precious in your energy space. Your gratitude towards what you have helps attract more, at the same time making you value what you have.  Work towards keeping the same spark by being consciously present in the moment and shedding the ego of owning things. You do not own anything. You share an invisible chord connection with everything. That’s how everything assists you in your journey.

To respect the air we breathe, it is not necessary to realize it by drowning in water. Why wait for a wake-up call?


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