Beyond… A Journey Within

Swati Singh

Curiously Curious

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‘How would it be if there was nothing in the universe? How does nothing look like?’

‘If we get something which is not in our destiny by working for it, whether what we got is actually the fate or not getting it was?’

‘How do fireflies make light?’

Fireflies still make my eyes sparkle. The other two still keep me on my toes. Every time I feel I have an answer, life gives me another deeper explanation because curiosity peels another layer.

You all must have heard the story of thirsty crow. He puts in pebbles and the water which was at the bottom of the pitcher comes up. Right? Wrong! Think through it. Try doing it. Fill a glass with one-fourth water. Try throwing as many pebbles as you can. It can never come up to the brim. Pebbles are permeable. There was a curious kid who did ask this question to his teacher. How many of us, as adults, ever thought about that? 

Follow the curiosity within you which is wrapped with layers of dust of your obliviousness. The mind was always curious but you disregarded it — why go miles to uncover the answer? – And it went quiet. The playful kid became a silent spectator. It is the time to become that curious kid again. 

Curiosity kills the cat? You fear that inquisitiveness would turn into an albatross around your neck? Maybe you should hear what Arnold Edinborough said — ‘Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.’ Only the cat!


Curiosity is the beginning; don’t consider it to be the end. The journey starts with curiosity; it turns into passion which comes along with determination and courage. That’s when great things pour in; the greatest being awareness of the purpose of life. 

If Christopher Columbus was only curious, he would have sat on the beach throwing pebbles in the sea instead of showing fearlessness and taking up a voyage which changed the world map. If Buddha has accepted the long accepted norm of God and religion, he wouldn’t have left home and attained enlightenment ever. Who would have created one of the most peaceful ‘religions’ on earth? 

Search for God is the similar journey. You won’t find a man sitting on mountains with leopard print cloth and a snake around his neck in India, nor would you find a woman with feline head in Egypt. You know that these are all representation of the energies. It helps us to concentrate on that specific form of energy. But these picturesque gods has been taught by your religion, parents and society. Did your curiosity stop there? Or did you try to understand the reason behind portraying God in such forms?

Not many people can comprehend the energy without a physical manifestation. Hence, the statues or a holy object is placed to facilitate concentration. For pure thoughts, the environment inside any holy place is made sacred by constructing it on higher energy ground with sacred geometry. Fire energy (candles or lamps) and incense helps in cleansing. Specific mantras or hymns are chanted along with sounds of bells, conches, drum beats in different traditions around the world which send strong vibrations to the universe. These resonating sounds help in spiritual awakening of mind, body and soul. 

That’s the basic notion of how we evoke energies and call them to help us in this human avatar. How do we know this? Because some great souls did question and unearthed the hidden meaning of statuettes and Gods and religion and fear and beliefs and human life and what not! 

What are we digging for today?

Published on PranaWorld —


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