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Swati Singh

Got Dreams?

Dream Catcher (Image

Dreams – an orphic world! Time has new dimensions, colors have new spectrum, and realism has a new definition in all. We wake up and try to disregard it considering that to be an ‘unreal’ world. We laugh it off or scream it off! Imagine a sumo wrestler dreaming he got six pack abs; it will be a nightmare for him!

What if this real world is a dream and dreams you see is the reality? This question has been asked before too in many different ways. I do not have a question; I have an answer to tell you. Dreams are a powerful way to interact with your higher self and to get messages from people/angels/demons (pun intended).

Usually we see haphazard dreams every night. Each dream tells about our state of mind, hidden fears and wishes. Each animal, food, color you see has a different connotation than just the literal meaning. Falling is a common dream that relates to anxieties about letting go or losing control in waking life. Seeing yourself nude is other common dream which symbolizes your feeling of vulnerability and fear of exposure of your true self to others. Interesting? At least now you will openly acknowledge that you have seen that dream.

Recurring pattern of dreams are showing a long stuck issue inside your sub-conscious. I had a recurrent dream years after I finished school where I saw losing my bag and searching it frantically in the school building. I saw this dream for three years until some Dream Specialist Sherlock Holmes solved this mystery for me. I never saw it again. It displayed a need to know and understand myself, fueled by life’s lessons.

Next kind is premonitions through dreams. I would say they are essentially time travel. (And you thought you need an oddly-shaped, shrieking-beeping machine you saw in sci-fi flick!) No one else but you can read them and recognize the unique pattern of such dreams. It is like a secret puzzle. As an instance I will tell you an experience of someone close. The person sees a dream and it comes true exactly after seven days. Gradually the frequency of such dreams increased and the time of realization was the same- seven days- as if the person’s body time machine has an auto time set. This phenomenon was observed after three dreams over a period of six months came true and the details were delved into.  It’s creepy, thrilling and goose-bumpy (and mathematical) real fantasy!

Then, there are paranormal dreams- when you see someone near and dear who passed away. You will remember such dreams very starkly. That’s because you visited other realm. Pay attention to the message the person has given you. It’s always significant. Sometimes they want to assure you that they are doing fine especially when you are mourning over their loss; sometimes they want to give you an important message about your life. Sometimes they want to share their unfulfilled wishes when their death was not natural. They linger in the middle realm and will try to come to you for help as they are not pure spirits yet. They are attached to their earthly life.

Dreams of the latter situation are not always pleasant. When I started seeing such dreams, I was scared even hours after I woke up. Gradually, I started understanding what all those dreams meant. Usually all were trying to say one thing—she wanted to come back! As scary as it sounds, it was painful. She cannot. She needed pure and peaceful energies to go from this realm. One year later, she hasn’t reached where she should but she is moving away bit by bit. She was the turning point in my quest for spiritual journey. If you see your loved one in other realm, pray to give them healing energies; light a candle/Indian lamp and wish for their easy transition.

When I discussed this topic with my mentor, he told me something very insightful.

“Isn’t dreaming similar to meditation? All your senses are disengaged when you sleep; you go where your subconscious takes you, you are unaware of this world, you talk with your soul, you fleet above this realm, you experience bliss!”

It was so true. But how is he communicating to me without moving his lips? I asked him. He opened his mouth as if to say something but all I can hear is chirping of my morning birdie friend. I jerked in my bed. It was 5:30 in the morning. Yeah, the bird was twittering near the window.

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.–Sigmund Freud

Happy Dreaming!


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