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Swati Singh

Hunch’s Punches!

We all have whispered sometime in our life “I knew that!”; post the incident, of course!  I have taken the liberty of saying ‘we’ as it feels nicer to know that I am not the only one doing so. There are days when some ‘ting’ happens and we defy it with our so-called intellectual mind’s reasoning; later regretting why we dumped that thought. That thought, as most of us are aware, is intuition, the gut, the hunch, the inner voice, whispers from our soul!
What intuition is not..
Supernatural ability.
Rare ability found in extra-terrestrial species that have masked themselves as humans.
Just a speculation gone right.
An evolved trait found in sages on Himalayas.
Then what the heck is it?
It’s a feeling without knowing.
Intuition is just an insight to what our soul already knows hidden in the layers within. It gives us an indication of a possibility, a warning, a tick mark on one of the options our head is contemplating on.
Different people get different forms of information and not necessarily future events. And to each it comes in a different manner. Some feel a voice, some have a feeling within their heart, some have visions or dreams about it and some smell it too! It pops up abruptly without even having a thought about the subject.
Goose-bump-y ride!
One of my friends called off his trip to holy place Kedarnath two days before leaving. The massive floods destruction is well known. When I asked him, he said, he felt restlessness about the whole trip; he felt something was not right. It is a very strong example of sensing future events not common with all of us. He trusted it, maybe some of them had this feeling, but they ignored.
Milder examples which we sense are of the likes of getting that feeling of overwhelming when you first enter a house– this is the one! Even without exploring the whole place. You met a person for the first time; you just knew he won’t be a match for you although he is perfect on paper. Everything looks good about the job but you feel something is wrong. Something tells you which road to take.
You “FEEL” it although you don’t “KNOW” it! It tells us about people, circumstances and decisions we take from a higher realm. Our soul knows more than what our physical self on this planet can comprehend. (I bet you read the last line again! Or at least my intuition said so!)
I don’t get any intuition. Am I intuitively challenged?
It is a gift presented to all. Some of us keep it under our bed with layers of doubt, logic and disregard settling on to it, thinking that the gift is nothing but a punching prank-toy by our mind.
We might not be intuitively challenged but we stopped tuning into our own body channel a while ago ‘coz we filtered it out through our over analytical mind and now we, the cribbers, can’t access it.
But sensitivity towards it surely differs. Some souls are highly intuitive and some are not. That depends on a lot of reasons including the purpose of the soul on this planet and level in which the soul is. The more wisdom a soul gains over lifetimes helps it advance levels and open itself more towards its inner consciousness.
I too used to be the one who always disregarded it saying it’s my imagination, my fear or my desire. At times when it used to come true, I used to negate that by thinking that it was one of the possibilities my mind thought of. If I was intuition, I would have got frustrated of me and wouldn’t return ever!
Any over-the-counter- Medicine?
When I realized my mentor’s amazing intuitive capabilities, I was dumbfounded.  He told me that he never considered it to be some ‘power’ (as I defined it). He has this quirk since childhood. I was so thrilled about it and asked him to teach me. He smiled and said, “Did anyone tell you how to breathe?” Well, the fact remain, I am still searching for ways to ‘breathe’!
Spiritually, when our sixth chakra-third eye chakra- is blocked, we are unable to feel intuitions.
Kundalini yoga is one way to open each of the seven chakras by practicing advanced levels of meditation.  We can at least start from twenty minutes meditation daily.
Trust the guidance that comes your way. That inner feeling is never wrong. Clear your system from the negative energies. You won’t feel it if you usually remain in high temper, restlessness or depression. These emotions block the clairvoyance you have to receive from your energy source.
Awareness of our inner self opens the door of intuitiveness.
It’s not easy, honey!
Like everything, it just doesn’t come easy. It takes time to identify which inner voice (if at all it is inner) is intuition and which one is plain analysis or fear psychosis or mind at play. Sometimes we are unable to interpret it. We are so used to use logic that judgment seems to come naturally to us instead of our inner voice which actually is natural.
Ah! If only there was a logic sanitizer available! (Oh! Intuition!? Million dollar business idea!?)  😉

4 comments on “Hunch’s Punches!

  1. Swati
    October 19, 2013

    Yeah, I need investors! 😉 😀


  2. Divya Modi
    October 19, 2013

    I read that last line;)


  3. Swati
    October 17, 2013

    “As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner.”~ Rumi
    🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. prateek malik
    October 16, 2013



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