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Hail Karma!

A lot has been spoken and is still being preached about ‘Karma’. It’s usually considered as a villainess in a movie – a bitch, culpable, wicked and what not. Pity thy Karma! When Krishna in Gita spoke about it, little did he know that people will use it as a gadget for revenge! “You dumped me; karma will make your next girlfriend fry your arse in hell!” “You scratched my car, you will get a bigger dent along with bird poop splashed all over!” Abracadabra! 

It’s not Karma, it’s schadenfreude. If only everything was so literal and easy!

The literal meaning of karma is action. But karma in Hinduism theory refers to “thoughts, words and deeds”. All these three things hold energy and affect our world. 
Law of Karma is kind of Newton’s third apple –cause and effect– every action has a consequence. To give an example, if you jump off from a 20th-floor window, you will certainly be a pulp on the floor. You have chosen your path. You can’t suddenly, in midst of falling, half-way down there, say, “I have changed my mind”, stop, suspend in air, walk on the wall, get inside the 10th-floor window and hence halt the fall. Now that you have executed the action, you have to face its end result. Similarly, when you make the free-will of choosing to act in either kind or malicious way towards someone, then you shall face the karmic consequences. 

You can relate it to the law of attraction too. The Cosmos is neutral. You receive what you emit.

Igniting the TNT on the widely-accepted notion of karma which says it is a system of punishment and reward – do bad things, and you will get punished; do good things and you will be rewarded. That’s actually the basis of human’s legislation! And, true it is necessary to sustain a balanced and just society. But, that’s not what karma implies. What the prehistoric man did by killing animals was fair in his society but unjust in his next birth. Karma will get dizzy deciding what is fair and what is not based on human’s society regulations. It’s more of a balancing act. It is a way for the souls to learn lessons starting from black, passing through every shade of gray and finally, reaching to the white. 

So the one who harmed you intentionally will face the wrath of Gandalf? He will or he won’t, no one really knows. You got the ‘bad’ because it was important for you to learn some predecided lessons or did he chose his free-will to do the bad and will face the closure? Were there many strings attached to this one act which affected many lives and it was ‘meant-to-happen’? These are the questions which this logical mind can’t comprehend. The matrix is indeed very complex to fathom. 

But one thing is sure; you can’t blame everything on the poor damsel, Miss Karma! You get into a mud puddle, that’s your inability to use one of your five senses; you had a bad day, shit happens; you stumbled on this article and now thinking why the hell are you still reading this, Oh! Yeah! Bad karma! 

Can you be free from this web of Karma? Yes, if you can attune yourselves to act without having even a pinch of self-interest or the desire, you can escape this law of the planet and that’s when you will be called “the enlightened soul”. Maybe, hundred years later, your statuette too will be sold as Budai’s “Laughing Buddha” for the bliss of other people. Fascinating? Ah, there! You got yourself trapped in vainglory again!


Yes, karma is annoying at times! And so are all of us. 


4 comments on “Hail Karma!

  1. Radha
    July 11, 2013

    Insightful. Also I am tickled by the shards of wit every now and then.

    PS : Call her a bitch, a saint or a judge. The truth remains : you simply can't fudge. Hail, Karma!


  2. Swati
    July 11, 2013

    Thanks girl ! 🙂


  3. ratna
    July 17, 2013

    Wao!!! a treat to read!! loveddd the word schadenfreude…cdnt help googling 😀

    keep up the good work!!!


  4. Swati
    July 17, 2013

    Thanks a ton, Ratna! Means a lot! 🙂


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