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A pocket full of Ego!

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The world is moving towards spirituality, secretly in a hope to get a cure to their distress. We read ‘The Secret’ and hope that by daily chanting ‘I have a body like Angelina Jolie’, the universe will bestow it all- the figure and Brad Pitt.  What we forget is that ego (and gorging on cheesecakes) is something which will make your chant futile. We are on a lookout for instant solutions. Instead of delving into its true meaning, we want to use it as Eno- (should) work in six seconds!

happened to come across a query on a website by some renowned author who writes on cosmic ordering connections. The question was, ‘I have read your book, ordered your CD, how soon will it start working?’ As if universe is an oven- you have put the dough and now can’t wait for the cake to be baked. Still better, since cake will get ready; your ‘spiritual order’ won’t. You are no Bruce Almighty and thank God, you’re not; you would have made hell out here!

Reading the spiritual books might allure us to draw a false imagery of how enlightened we have become, or that we are ‘better’ than others; shallow inside, we are just trying to brand ourselves. We are perpetually on a mission to make ourselves look different from rest of the world. We want to add the ‘The’ before our names. This is our ego at play (or work! Both ways, it does the same thing). It keeps building like lego with one piece making way for another. We like the way spirituality ‘sounds’. Soul, spirit, healing, chakras- all sounds mystical. We are, in fact, bewildered by the ‘content’ of the book and we become the preachers trying to impart our own pocket book version of ‘Gita’; and doesn’t matter who is in the audience, he will always remain ‘Arjuna’ and we, the little avatar of ‘Krishna’. Poor Lord!

Though the learning curve begins the same way, but it is important to rescue ourselves from the hypnotic spell of our own ego. When we characterize things into opposites- good and bad, happy and sad, it is our ego creating the mess. Soul knows nothing of conflicts.  It just knows incessant joy. It’s a long process of realizing our true self which is wrapped under several layers of vices.

And there! I gave you my pocketbook of sunshine! 🙂 


One comment on “A pocket full of Ego!

  1. Radha
    June 27, 2013

    In total accord. We actually impart impart knowledge from out pocket book of spiritual wisdom all the time. Always preaching, judging. Excellent angle of 'ego' and 'spirituality' explored by you.
    Sometimes, in our efforts to become 'humble', we become 'arrogant about our newly acquired humility'. It's a paradox.

    A very different idea.


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