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Swati Singh



Smiled. Did you? Stumbled on this while exploring something else on Google. Amusing, on how we ‘manage’ our faith. At least, I do. I gloat about faith and optimism to everyone and more often to myself. I talk about patience and read about the purpose of soul on this planet. But when the spider-y situations start building their web, I shriek like a little five-year-old girl (practically, almost every girl). All the poise vanishes like a shooting star and all I am left with is a charred meteor of my ‘faith’. Out of the blue, the beautiful world becomes a glum place with nothing but hitches in it. The energy meter in my body touches red and no Red Bull can retrieve these levels.


Two days go by and I get back to ‘la vita è bella ! And then, live-in-the-moment and live-for-today look “oh!-that’s-so-me”. Happens with you too? We are like Garfield, always telling the Universe, “Love me, Feed me, never Leave me”. I think when universe gets into a playful mood of kickin’ arse, it loves like a jealous girlfriend, feeds us crap and make us feel that this vicious circle will never leave us. But mercifully, it does get over. After all, the universe has other errands to run. Who else do you think manages the actual shooting stars? Or sketches constellations every night in the sky?(messes up a lot, trust me!).

This roller-coaster of life will keep making us dizzy and we will keep puking the knowledge of ride experiences onto others. We want the doughnut but not the queue; rain but not the sludge (unless you are a detergent company). Next time, you reason with God about your problem, start with this, ‘Dear God! I have a problem, it’s me!’  He might give you extra ‘loyalty points for your humility. Redeem them while flipping a coin in the wishing well! Ironic, huh?



2 comments on “Faith-Full

  1. Swati
    June 20, 2013

    😀 True that!
    I love your comments! It's like a blog in itself! 🙂


  2. Radha
    June 20, 2013

    Sheer Brilliance, this one is. Enjoyed it to the tee. From Cookie to Doughnut. From smile to sulk. From preaching to barfing. 🙂

    N.B: I am going to bang my way through the queue and gobble down all the doughnuts. *God's-waiting room-can-make me you a raging bull* What's Red Bull's energy in comparison, hunh!?


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